LOW SAISON (per day)

From: 04.04 to 23.06; 20.08 to 31.10

Safari Tent1-260.0055.30

HIGH SAISON (per day)

From: 09.04 to 13.04; 20.05 to 24.06; 29.05 to 01.06; 24.06 to 19.08

Safari Tent1-280.0073.70
  • Minimum stay 2 nights
  • Prices in CHF/night (incl. VAT, excl. taxes, subject to change).
  • The mattresses are always equipped with sheets with corners
  • Safari tent: bed linen on request (CHF 20.- per person) or bring sleeping bag
  • Smoking is prohibited in rented accommodation
  • Pets are only allowed in rented accommodation on request.


  • Accommodation for 1 to max. 2 people
  • One double bed or two single beds
  • Small terrace with 2 chairs and a small table
  • With electricity and light
  • Beds are equipped with sheets with corners - simply carry a sleeping bag

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